Meet the Board Members

Katherine Goldberg, President
Melinda Kilian, Vice-President
Claudia Goldman
Shirley Grammer, Treasurer

Katherine Goldberg


A descendant of  Susan Rebecca Polley and C. F. Henderson, Katherine has been a Polley family history buff since her grandfather took her to to see the Polley Mansion when she was a girl.  She currently lives in Richmond, Texas with her family, and has served as President of the Polley Association since late 2015.

Melinda Kilian

Vice President

Melinda Kilian is a descendant of Susan Rebecca Polley and C. F. Henderson.  She is a Texas history and Civil War history enthusiast with interests in her several prominent Texan ancestral lines.  She lives in Austin, Texas, and has served as the vice-president of the Polley Association since 2008.

Claudia Goldman


Claudia Goldman is a descendant of Mary Augusta Polley Baylor and  her first husband, Joseph Egbert Polley.  She inherited her love of family history from her father, Bert Everts, and from her childhood visits to Sutherland Springs, Texas, and the Polley Mansion.  She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Gary Goldman. Claudia has served as Secretary of the Polley Association since 2019.

Shirley Grammer


Shirley Grammer is a Wilson County, Texas history expert and has worked to catalog information about the Polley family, and other important Wilson County residents for decades. She has tirelessly preserved the legacy of the Polley family and has served as the Vice President (2005-2008) and now Treasurer (2008-current) of the Polley Association.  She lives in La Vernia, Texas with her husband John Grammer.

Previous Board Members

We thank and remember these former board members for their service and dedication to the Polley Association.


  • Melanie Goeth, President 2005-2015

  • Shirley Grammer, Vice President 2005-2008

  • Dianne Perry, Secretary 2005-2008

  • Sandy Tiner Coggins, Treasurer 2005-2008

  • Janice Frost, Newsletter Editor 2005-

  • Mary Lou Featherston, Historian 2005-2006

  • Amy Potts, Historian 2008-

  • Pamela Wright O'Connor, Secretary 2008-2018