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Jonathan Polley

Jonathan Polley DAR Grave Marker

Father of Joseph Henry Polley.

Jonathan Polley was born in Windham, Connecticut on October 26, 1760 to Jonathan Polley, Sr. and Prudence DeWolf. He fought in the Revolutionary War. Jonathan made his home in Whitehall, New York with his wife Rachel Hubbard (married in about 1791). Together, they had nine children (listed below). Rachel passed away in May of 1821, and Jonathan married Mehitable Metcalf (daughter of Asa Metcalf) sometime later. Jonathan died on May 31, 1840 in Fort Ann, New York. He is buried in the Kinner family cemetery (also known as Wood Creek Cemetery) in the Town of Whitehall, New York.

Jonathan Polley Gravestone, Whitehall, New York

(Location Note: The line between Fort Ann and Whitehall, New York runs through this area and the town boundaries may have shifted between the Polley children’s births and Jonathan Polley’s death, creating the different cited locations for the same Polley family home.)

Nine Children of Jonathan Polley and Rachel Hubbard:

  1. Rachel born in 1792, died in 1858 in New York.

  2. Joseph Henry born in 1795, died in 1869 in Texas.

  3. Prudence born in 1796, death date unknown.

  4. Benjamin Aramandas born in 1798, died in 1875 in Missouri.

  5. Jonathan born in 1800, died in 1887 in New York.

  6. Abner Hubbard born in 1802, died in 1842 in Pennsylvania.

  7. Rebechak born in 1804, died in 1885 in Wyoming.

  8. Roxanne born in 1806, died in 1876 in New York.

  9. Emeline born in 1809, died in 1887 in New York.


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