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The Polley Association Announces New President

Katherine Goldberg

After ten years of dedicated service, Melanie Goeth has stepped down as President of The Polley Association. We would like to thank her for her years of service and contributions that have enabled the Polley Association to preserve and protect the legacy of the Polley family in Wilson Co., Texas.

We are pleased to announce that our new President is

Katherine Goldberg. She is a descendant of Susan Rebecca Polley and C. F. Henderson. Katherine fell in love with Polley family history when her grandfather, Wayne Hall, took her to see Whitehall in the early 1990's.

Katherine says she has met a number of people who have connections to the Polley family and they are all interested in the old home and cemetery. She says, "It brings me great joy to hear their stories about the family and their desire to maintain its history and legacy. I look forward to continuing this legacy and meeting more people who share the same love that I have for our family, our history, and that little bit of land where our Polley family rests."

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