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Albert Nious (1841-20 December 1922)

Quilt square of fuchsia, green, and floral fabric representing the star of the Alamo
Albert Nious, "The Star of the Alamo"

Golson recorded that Albert and Josie Nivens [Nious] were married, and that they were among the slaves Polley freed in 1865.

J. B. Polley recounted a story in his “Historical Reminiscences” of a negro boy, Albert, 20 years old in 1865 who was reticent about sleeping with him to keep warm on a cold night when they were out running cattle one night.

J. H. Polley made a legal agreement with James Bailey, Reuben Robinson, Cato Morgan, Burrell Montgomery, Theodore Henderson, and Albert Nious to employ them as servants until December 1865.

Albert later married Anne Reese on 21 December 1870. They had a number of children: Charlotte (?), John (1868), Wesley (1870), Esther (1872), May Anne (1873), Julia (1875), Albert (1877), Missy (1879), and William (1880).

His quilt square is “The Star of the Alamo.”


This biographical selection is from The Enslaved People of J. H. Polley Plantation, Whitehall, Sutherland Springs, Texas 1836-1865. The collection is the work of independent scholar, Dr. Melinda Creech. Dr. Creech compiled and presents a biographical sketch of each of the enslaved along with a unique historic Texas quilt for each individual since photos of the 28 enslaved are not available. The collection is available to view in person at the Sutherland Springs Historical Museum.

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