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Eliza (Lizzie) Morgan (1857-unknown)

Quilt square of blue floral and cream fabrics representing Texas sunshine
Eliza Morgan, "Texas Sunshine"

Eliza Morgan was the daughter of Cato Morgan and Melinda Perkins Morgan. According to Josephine Golson in Bailey’s Light, Cato Morgan had married a woman from a neighboring stockman. J. H. Polley purchased the woman and her son so that the family would not be separated. Golson lists Eliza as one of the enslaved persons that was freed by Mr. Polley. She writes that five children were born to Cato and Melinda, but only lists four—Alex, Bill, Celia, and Elizabeth. Perhaps there was another child that died.

The 1870 census records Eliza living in the household of Cato and Melinda Morgan with her brother, Alex.

On 27 November 1879 Eliza Morgan married Henry Warner, born in Richmond, Virginia.

The 1880 census records Lizzie (b.1857) married to Henry Warner (b. 1845), who was born in Richmond, Virginia. They are living near Cato Morgan and Mary Bailey Polley. They have two children: Henry (8) and Alex (3).

The 1900 Census records five children in the household: James (1881), Cato (1885), Lizzie (1889), Emma (1891), and John (1898).

The 1910 Census records three children and one grandchild: Emma Cantu (1889), Henry Cantu (grand-son) (1910), and John (1898).

Several of the family burials were in Adkins, Texas. However, I have not found the cemetery.

Her quilt square is “Texas Sunshine.”


This biographical selection is from The Enslaved People of J. H. Polley Plantation, Whitehall, Sutherland Springs, Texas 1836-1865. The collection is the work of independent scholar, Dr. Melinda Creech. Dr. Creech compiled and presents a biographical sketch of each of the enslaved along with a unique historic Texas quilt for each individual since photos of the 28 enslaved are not available. The collection is available to view in person at the Sutherland Springs Historical Museum.

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