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Clean Up at the Polley House

On-going efforts are well underway to clean up and restore the Polley House in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Some of the changes so far include:

  • Massive amounts of trash removed (measured in many, many truckloads)

  • Removal of a 1940's bathroom addition

  • New roof

  • Masonry pointing

  • Chimney repairs and weatherizing

  • Front porch clean up and restoration

  • Property Mowing

  • Dead tree removal

  • Grading the property

The property is already looking so much fresher. And there is more to come! If you would like to follow along with photos of the restoration, there is a Polley House aka Whitehall Facebook page where the owner posts news and photos of the progress. It is wonderful to be able to keep up with this project from anywhere!

Photo Credit: Keith Muschalek

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