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Polley Family Tree at Your Fingertips

Polley Family Tree Book

We are very excited to introduce to you the Descendants of Joseph Henry Polley & Mary Augusta Bailey guidebook. If you ever wondered how you fit into the larger Polley family, or needed to find how you are related to that fellow descendant you met at the reunion, well, this is the book for you.

The intent of this family tree compilation is to bring together the family lines that descend from Joseph H. Polley and Mary Bailey Polley in one volume. It spans five generations, from Joseph and Mary, down through their great-great grandchildren. Some in this generation are living today and will find their own name among the pages, and everyone will recognize someone from this generation, whether it be a father or grandfather.

Polley Family Tree Book Open to page 3

For those who utilize online family tree organizers, this volume can help you flesh out the information you have. If you do not have an online family tree, then this book serves as an excellent record to keep on the shelf for yourself, or a budding genealogist in your family.

Polley Family Tree Poster

At the Polley Reunion, held in November 2017, the entire family tree was displayed in one 5 foot by 5 foot square poster that hung in the main gallery hallway of the Polley Mansion. Since we don't all have that kind of space at home to display the family tree, we thought you might like the book format a little better for all your Polley family reference needs.

It was an intensive months-long process to research, compile, and organize the Polley family tree information found in this book. The work was done by our current Polley Association President, Katherine Goldberg, along with the advice and assistance of several Association members, including Shirley Grammer, Melinda Kilian, Tammy Tiner and Kenn Harding, Todd Polley, Sara Wood Pantin, and Jack Stroud. It was a labor of love, and a wonderful resource that connects all descendants from all branches of the Polley family tree.

Polley Family Tree Book open to page 7

To quote Katherine Goldberg's Note from the book:

It has been an absolute joy to research and compile the family tree of Joseph and Mary Polley's descendants. This book may look like a list of names and dates to the untrained eye, but it holds many secrets about the lives of our Polley family. If you look closely, you will find twins, and families that are abundantly large, as well as families that suffered great loss and are painfully small. There are mothers who gave their lives for their children, and soldiers who gave their lives for our country. There are many marriages, and a few divorces. There are families who stayed in one place, and other who scattered across the American west. The stories written in the lives of these family members are the stories of us all. In them, we see joy and life, along with heartache and loss. I have become very attached to the people in the preceding pages, and I hope that this little book will serve as a jumping off point for you to learn more about them as well.

If you would like a copy of this Polley family tree book, please contact the Polley Association. We would be happy to send you a copy. Each copy is $12 with shipping included. All proceeds go directly to the Polley Association.

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